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For many of us, we knew from a young age that we were expected to get a college education. It was never a question. Junior high would lead to high school which would lead to college which could lead to potentially anywhere! For a lot of the students in Visitacion Valley, not only is a college education just a dream, but it is an unfunded dream. Why wait to give a scholarship to a student untilĀ  after he or she has finished high school? Imagine the stress of 4 years of that uncertainty! These kids deserve to expect a college education from a younger age.

In June, our team of four will be riding bikes across America in a sprint from California to Maryland. We are doing this to raise money for the R.O.C.K. College Scholarship Fund. The scholarship will award promising 6th graders in Vistacion Valley 10,000 dollars each to be used for college. Yes, we know that 10,000 dollars will not be enough to cover 100% of college tuition. But it is a significant amount. And by giving it to 6th graders, we hope it will give them a little extra motivation so that they too can expect to go to college. You can do a lot to help these kids!

RACE UPDATE: While Team R.O.C.K. put up a valient effort, they unfortunately had to pull out of the race due to a team member crashing his bike (nothing to worry about, Jay will be fine). While the result is not what we were hoping for, the real winners are still the children of R.O.C.K. who benefit from the funds raised. Thanks so much for your support!

In addition, looks like you can see the current race standings at the Race Across America website.

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To donate through the mail, please send checks payable to Real Options for City Kids (please include "Scholarship Fund" in the memo to the R.O.C.K. office at the following:

590 Leland Ave
San Francisco, CA 94134

R.O.C.K.'s Tax ID is 94-3212617

Thanks to Spy Associates for donating our GPS gear