How are the scholarship winners chosen?

Candidates for the R.O.C.K. College Scholarship are 6th grade students enrolled in R.O.C.K.'s programs. R.O.C.K. participants live or attend school in San Francisco's Visitacion Valley. Each candidate will answer a series of questions to determine 10-15 finalists. All finalists and their parent/guardian will attend a panel interview comprised of R.O.C.K. College Scholarship Fund representatives and 1-2 winners will be selected annually.

Past Winners

2012 Scholarship Winners and Question Excerpts

What are your educational goals after high school?
"After high school I will got to college. When I am older I would want to be a vet because I love all kinds of animals. I also have a pet and I wouldn't want to see her or any other animal get hurt. I will save animals and give them their shots so they will be healthy."

What is your favorite subject to study at school and why?
"Science and computer arts are my favorite subjects. They are my favorite because in computer arts I get to learn every day. Science is fun because it involves animals."

2011 Scholarship Winners and Essay/Question Excerpts

General Essay Response:
"My Mom was born in Nicaragua, a country in Central America. She got married and had four daughters at a very young age. We all came to America after surviving from war in our country, having no money and only knowing the basic knowledge of the language English. When she finished her school to learn more English, she attended a private school to pursue her career as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Around this time she had already gotten divorced. After a few years of hard work, she found herself where she wanted to be, graduated and became a Certified Nursing Assistant. After all these years, she continued working while going to school and continued to take careof me and my family and teaching us that education is important. Along with her love and support and everything she did for us, she accomplished yet another goal and finished her school and got a job at UCSF. Today she is still continuing learning to become an LBN at City College. No matter what she faced, she was able to overcome it and continued with the same confidence that she began with. Her passion, hard work and love for education are all traits that I admire and want to be like. Her story shows me that if you want something, work hard and believe in yourself, you can acheive anything."

Who is your role model and why?
"My role model is my Dad. He's my role model because even though he is going through some rough times, he is not using drugs, drinking or robbing any banks. My Dad keeps his faith that we will get through all of these things we are suffering. That's why he is my role model."

2012 Scholarship Winner Priscilla

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